Important Message

Welcome to our website for Penn State University's special free screening of the documentary "Resistance" on antibiotic resistance. The  screening will be on March 26, 2015 from 7:00 to 9:30 PM at the State Theatre in State College, Pennsylvania, USA. The screening will include a 45 min panel discussion and Q&A with the film's director and Penn State experts. If you would like to attend, please do register using the above button. Registration takes only a moment and guarantees you a spot. That being said, this site is not just a place where you can reserve seats for the screening. This site is also a place where you can learn much more about the very grave health threat of antibiotic resistance and take really simple yet effective actions to combat the problem. Please do use the above buttons and navigation menu to explore this site, especially the pages "Learn" and "Act". Through this site, we hope to educate many people around the world. Several nonprofit organizations will be directing >100,000 people to this site. No matter how you came to this site, you too can help us reach many people by letting your friends, colleagues, and relatives know about this site regardless of where they live. In this day and age with the interconnectivity of the worldwide web being what it is, it is not completely unrealistic for us to hope that we can reach millions of people through this site.