As detailed here, we researchers at Penn State are committed to finding solutions to the problem of antibiotic resistance. On this page, you can scroll down to do any of the following: (i) make an online or offline donation that is tax deductible and/or (ii) subscribe to our email list for a future crowdfunding campaign. For articles on the importance of funding biomedical research, see "Cuts to biomedical research are dangerous" and "Reagan's big lesson for America". Your money will be used to fund important research related to antibiotics such as: understanding the mechanisms of resistance, developing new types of antibiotics, and developing better diagnostics for detecting resistance. 

Donate to Penn State antibiotic research

When you click on the above button, you will be directed to our secure Penn State Give Now webpage where you can make an online or offline donation that is tax deductible. We would appreciate any donation even as small as $10. Our hope is to raise a large amount of money by getting many people to donate. You can help with this by spreading the word as described here.

Subscribe to our email list for a future crowdfunding campaign

Please submit your email address if you would be interested in supporting a crowdfunding campaign of ours that we may launch within the next several months on a crowdfunding platform like USEED or Indiegogo. The goal of the campaign will be to raise money for cutting-edge research on a very important topic related to antibiotics and also for the production of a documentary film on that topic aimed at a general audience. We are still in the process of carefully choosing the topic and finalizing the details. The topic might involve antibiotics, the gut microbiome, and autism. There is growing evidence that the bacteria in our guts play a role in autism. About 1 in 70 children in the USA suffer from an autism spectrum disorder. When we do launch our campaign, we will email you so that you can decide whether or not to donate yourself (as little as $10 would be much appreciated) and/or spread the word to your friends (by email, Facebook, twitter, etc.). We will only email you sporadically during the course of the campaign, and we will not give your email address to anyone else under any circumstances. As is typical with crowdfunding campaigns, donors will receive so-called perks like complimentary original artwork, copies of the existing film "Resistance", and of course copies of the new film after it is produced.