As detailed hereantibiotic resistance is a very grave public health threat. In the face of such a monumental problem, it is easy to think that you are powerless to do anything, but there are simple yet effective actions that you can take to combat the threat. On this page, you can scroll down to do any combination of the following: (i) spread the word; (ii) support pending legislation to limit the overuse of antibiotics in the USA; and/or (iii) change your habits.

Spread the word

Through this site, we hope to reach many people around the world. Several nonprofit organizations will be directing >100,000 people to this site. You can also help us reach many people by letting your friends, colleagues, and relatives know about this site regardless of where they live. You can spread the word by email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Support pending legislation to limit the overuse of antibiotics in the USA

As detailed here, the inappropriate use of antibiotics by one group of people needlessly promotes resistance and so poses an unnecessary risk to all of us. Therefore, it is our collective moral responsibility to conserve antibiotics by using them only when necessary to treat infections. Yet the overuse of antibiotics in the USA is rampant both in food production and human medicine. One major driver of the overuse of antibiotics is powerful special interest groups who profit from the sales of antibiotics. These groups intensely lobby politicians to maintain the status quo. Currently, there are four bills pending in the US Congress (H.R. 820, S. 895, H.R. 1150, and S. 1256) that are designed to require more detailed reporting about antibiotic use and/or to limit overuse. Unless the American public puts pressure on its politicians, none of these bills may ever even make it to a vote. When you click on the above button, you will be directed to a webpage that was set up by the Pew Charitable Trusts. By filling out and submitting the form on that page, you can in just a few minutes send an email to members of the US Congress indicating your support for the aforementioned bills. 

Change your habits

This article describes the steps that you can take in your daily life to combat antibiotic resistance.